The I-Land Water Park

The water park of the Iranian Land, the largest water park in the Middle East, will be built on a land of 12 hectares in two phases, including:

  • Outdoor water park
  • Roofed water park for Men
  • Roofed water park for Women
  • Spa set
  • Roofed surfing complex
  • Surfing school
  • Hotel
  • Banglou complex
  • Restaurants, Fast Food and Coffee Shop
According to estimates, 650,000 people will use the water park in the first year of operation of the first phase, and at the end of the second phase, this number will reach 1,500,000.
Elegant design, standards, attractive rides, the use of experienced consultants, and the existence of a centralized, integrated management, and thus a well-known common brand for the entire complex, makes it distinctive from other water park projects in the country.

Water Park Attractions

In the water park of the I-Land, for the first time in the country, there is an outdoor wave-surfing pool and a wave-surfing room featuring the Flow Rider on the indoor part. In addition, the rides used in the water park include Lazy River, the Wave Pool and other rides and other up to dated equipment.
For the VIP section, the spa service is designed to include massages, beauty salons and other related services. The main entrance building also includes 800 square meters of commercial space, restaurant and coffee shop.

Water Park Location

The water park of I-Land is shown in the picture. The land intended for this complex is about 12 hectares consisting of two outdoor and indoor phase.

I-Land Hub No.1

The No.1 Hub of I-Land, with four main usages, including a water park, Amusement Park, shopping mall, hotel and conference hall, which will form a crowded and awesome place at the entrance for the complex. The synergy resulting from placing these usages together brings a large number of visitors and creates a multipurpose and fun space for entertainment, shopping and rest. Existing of beautiful routes and sidewalks also helps all family members to use different parts of complex, individually or together, and meet each other at the gathering spots.

Water Park Designer

White Water is a Canadian Company, which has thirty years of experience in the water park industry and is the largest water park designer and vendor, has been selected as consultant and designer for the I-Land Water Park. The company employs a team of ten professional designers who have run more than two thousand water park designs. The company also has installed more than four thousand rides in different parts of the world.

Initial designs for the I-Land Water Park were presented by four companies, which White Water design were approved, and the company will also be working on designing the rides in this project.

Advantages and Facilities

The water park of the Iranian Land will create the opportunity for both women and men, to use this complex facility simultaneously, which provides the opportunity for families to use the facilities of the complex in all seasons. Separate facilities for men, women and children are considered in all parts of the park.
The water park of the Iranian land with a total area of 12 hectares will be constructed in two phases. Considering the second phase, the area of the outdoor and indoor water park will be about 55,000 and 18,500 square meters respectively, which will make the park unmatched in the world.

First Surfing Pool in Iran

Surfing is one of the most entertaining activities in the world that the water park of I-Land provides for the first time to serve customers in the country. This exhilarating game, whether fun or educational, will be available at the surfing complex. The simulation of a surfing on the shores in Tehran can turn into an unparalleled attraction for the project.

Using the Rides with Up to Date Technology

Due to the fact that the aim of the water park of the Iranian land is to satisfy the customers at the highest level, so to achieve this goal, we tried to use the latest technology in the park. There are awesome, exciting, safe and beautiful and hybrid rides in the park. These rides are designed and manufactured by the most reputable international manufacturers, and are the latest in their kind.

Distinguished Water Park

The water park of the Iranian land with 12 hectares of land will be the largest water park in the country. The location of the water park as well as the I-land makes it a unique place in the country. Elegant design, standards compliance, attractive rides, and the use of expert advisers are some of the points that can be distinguished from other water park projects in the country. The park in the first phase will have a capacity of 15,000 people a day.

The Synergy Resulting from Placing in the Hub No. 1

As stated, the water park is located in the hub of the I-Land hobbies, which includes the water park, amusement park, shopping mall, cinema and hotel, allowing the use of services individually or together from all usages. In this way, a comprehensive solution is provided to meet the needs of family members.

Welfare Facilities

The attractive and innovative combination of shopping, leisure and accommodation used both in and around the park itself, is for the customers’ well-being and satisfaction. The 800 meters of  commercial space includes a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes with a beautiful and attractive designhas assigned for this purpose.

This Canadian company is the largest design and implementation in the world for water park projects, and they collaborate with the I-Land’s Water Park as a designer and supplier of equipment.

This Canadian company, as the manufacturer and supplier of equipment, contributes to the overall design and selection of rides.

This Malaysian consulting company, which is also using Iranian designers in its design team, is participating in providing the master plan of the Water Park.

This Spanish designer has been involved in the design and construction of large water parks, such as Siam Park in Spain, is presenting feasibility studies for the project and Water Park Theming in I-Land.

With more than forty years of experience in exploiting world-class water parks, this German company has been working on feasibility study and project profitability from the perspective of an operator with the TSI Company.

International Consultants of the Water Park