Two clubs for family and professionals

Family Club

The goal of the designing this club is to provide space for members and their families who might not interested in cars. The facilities of this club includes:

Restaurant, pool, tennis court, terrace with full view of the track and…


Iranian Drivers Club IRDC:

Features that are considered for the professional members of the club include:

  • The reception
  • Using the track
  • Using the special garages
  • Special car hire sets
  • Use the Country Club facilities with family
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace with track view
  • Conference room

Villas near the track

One of the creativities used in this collection is the limited number of luxury villas beside the Country Club. The view of these villas is on the piste and it is possible to buy or rent them for a limited number of members. People can use these accommodations in a lovely atmosphere throughout the tournament and at normal times.

Vehicle Test Track

Since there is no knowledge of this area in the country, in order to comply with international standards, we should use international consultants in this field. All stages of manufacturing, equipping, and providing services are in accordance with international standards and in cooperation with experienced consultants in this field to ensure the quality and safety of buildings and equipment. The consultants of this project are: Broadway Maylan (UK) in urban planning, Apex (UK) in the review section of the Piste and Car Driving School, Tilke (Germany) in the design of the track, IMM UK in the business models and Slik-Ayari in operation of the piste.
Due to the presence of international company Tilke as a consultant for designing the piste and using of high quality materials and equipment in the construction of a I-LAnd Formula One track , this track will be designed and built with Grade A standards. This will allow for national, regional and international competitions to be held on the track. Different parts of the vehicle test track are:

  • Sound test
  • Handling test
  • Ride Comfort Test
  • Brake performance test
  • Steering Effort Test
  • Performance Testing and Drivability

Multipurpose building next to the Track

A multipurpose building is being constructed next to the first line of the Formula 1 track, which can be a stoppage of more than 30 cars. The stops are located at an area of 18 meters x 6.5 meters, making up a large multipurpose building with the capacity to accommodate 30 cars. Due to the fact that these stops are used once or twice a year, this site can be used for gatherings, events and exhibitions in this area.

Spare parts and car tuning

One of the requirements of each car center is car accessories and equipment. Since the I-Land intends to provide a complete center for all products and car services, a store for this purpose is designed for this part of the project.

These stores will provide the most complete range of car accessories and spare parts. In addition, the service and maintenance of vehicles are also considered in other stores of this track. Another benefit of this section is to take advantage of the special economic zone exemptions.

Holding a variety of specialized events

Car racing, and especially Formula 1, is the world’s most important venue for the introduction of new technologies in the automotive industry, which is less important in our country. The creation of the only national track with the Formula 1 standard and the holding of world-class competitions, offers the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities and opportunities in the field of automotive knowledge. In this regard, organizing specialized events such as museums, exhibitions and specialized automobile congresses to share knowledge, introducing various achievements of various sectors of the automotive industry, and creating a network for the development of this science in the country will be one of the important functions of Formula 1 of the Iranian Land.

Professional training and membership with various terms

The country’s first car racing track with Formula One standards, provides first-class professional car training by qualified faculty members at Formula One track.

The Formula One complex of Iranian land, allows members to enter four levels of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Ordinary. The members of the complex have the opportunity to use the new and varied services that are not available in the country. These services include:

  • Using the Formula One track
  • Possibility to own sports and special cars
  • No need to pay customs duties
  • The rights to import a car based on the type of membership


Entry of second-hand cars and sports cars that are not possible outside of the special economic zone will be possible in this set. Also, because there is no need to pay customs duties, cars can be imported at much lower prices than the mainland.