18 Separate Playgrounds with International Standards

The Iranian Land Golf Complex is the only 18 hole golf course in the country which built using the special features of this sport and international standards. The golf course’s special grass boosts the quality of the services provided in the complex and reaches to the quality of the world’s golf courses, so the I-Land Golf Club can attract world-renowned athletes and host international tournaments.

Golf Club

This complex is for professional golf athletes, this suite includes special welfare services for these athletes and tournament competitions. Athletes in this set can enjoy advanced features and services such as photo shooting and video shooting at different angles while playing, to analyze the movements.

Golf Club's Members Building

The club has a wide range of welfare amenities and entertainment such as a restaurant, coffee shop, lounge and cloakroom, which provides accommodation and entertainment facilities for athletes and residents alike.

Golf School for Children

This is a special section for children and teenagers who are interested in golf sport. This school offers services such as the basic training of golf courses at a relatively low cost for these people. The golf school provides the opportunity to bring together all the family members together.

Residential Complex

The complex, which includes more than 200 luxury villas with different areas and amenities, has a beautiful view of the lake and golf course, and provides a very favorable environment for the permanent and temporary stay of domestic and foreign athletes and residents of the I-Land.

Artificial Lakes

In this complex, an artificial lake with an area of over 3 hectares is considered, which affects the warmth of the air and creates a dreamy atmosphere in the collection.

Range Court

Athletes can analyze their movements in this field while practicing exercises and help themselves to improve their golf skills.

The Synergy Associated with other Useges

Placing golf courses in the Iranian Land, which includes many usages such as Formula One, Karting, Water Park, Amusement Park, Shopping Mall, Hotel, etc., makes it possible to use the services provided in these usages for customers in all classes and all ages. As noted above, the existence of beautiful communication paths, including roads and pedestrians, helps all family members to use the facilities individually or collectively and visit each other at the end of their visit.

The Existence of a Centralized, Integrated Management, Resulting in a Strong and Well-Known Joint Brand for the Entire Collection

The existence of strong management for any organization and company is inevitable, and the Iranian Land is no exception. In addition, the fact that the I-Land golf collection in a Megaproject called the Iranian Land and creating synergies with other usages will provide a good opportunity to introduce and create a place in the customers minds.

Economic Model

The I-Land golf course is a unique country-wide land and built based on international standards. The golf villas have different architectural themes and have beautiful views overlooking a golf course and water ponds. This section has an effective relationship with the recreational / sports space around the course.