Special Economic Zone

The Special Zone is a region outside the customs borders of any country governed by specific laws, and economic activities in which, are exempted from customs duties and free trade with other countries of the world without payment of customs duties. All special economic zones are designed to facilitate the business process, and from this perspective, those with expert location surveys are ideally located to be more prosperous and more attractive to businessmen.
Therefore, special economic zone of Zarandiyeh (Iranian) has been able to become one of the most promising economic zones based on unique privileges and attributes.

The special economic zone of Zarandiyeh (I-Land) was created on the basis of the decree of Iran’s parliament on 13/02/2009, entitled “Establishment of new special economic zones” and announced by the President on 20/12/2011, and features such as:

  • Closeness to the capital of the country (35 km distance)
  • ۷ km distance from Imam Khomeini International Airport and easy access to Mehrabad, Payam and Arak airports
  • Established in Tehran’s highway alongside Qom, Markazi, Qazvin and Alborz provinces
  • Benefits from easy access to roads and railway
  • Impact of the synergy resulting from recreational, residential, sporting and commercial uses in the I-Land, All have made this area more attractive to businessmen and merchants than other special areas.