Dynamic economy

Due to the appropriate economic model for the complex, a significant economic flow will take place in the area. The analysis carried out and the briefing plans provided for the complex shows this very well, so that the resulting economic indicators promise reliable and profitable investments. In addition, the economic model is based on the location of the track in the special economic zone and has been developed with the help of internationally renowned and experienced consultants.

The economic model of the Formula 1 complex

Due to the existence of customs duties and restrictions on the import of various types of vehicles, the economy of car racing complexes in the country is fragile. The I-Land car racing complex has solved this problem by providing an economical and suitable idea. According to economic studies, this complex will become one of the most profitable parts of the I-Land. The main logic of the economic model of this complex is the placement of the Formula One track inside the special economic zone. In this way, it will be possible to take advantage of the special economic zones benefits, including tax exemptions for car imports, parts, spare parts and consumables, import of technology, re-export, etc. for the automobile (car racing) complex.

Low cost imports

The existence of the track in the special economic zone will provide the members of the community with the benefits of the area, including tax breaks, customs, and the import of vehicles that can not be imported into the mainland. Also, the use of the exemption from payment of profits and customs duties on spare parts and equipment and the possibility of renting sport and special cars at a low price is another benefit of this track. In this way, people can own the special cars with very low costs, which are not available on the mainland. They will also be able to use the track based on a timetable throughout the year.

Closeness to the IKH Airport

One of the main requirements of such projects is easy access to the international airport. In addition to convenient road and rail access, the I-Land has very good air access. The Imam Khomeini International Airport, in seven kilometers from the project, is helping to connect all sections of the project, including the car racing complex with foreign countries.