I-Land's Shopping Center

I-Land’s shopping center is one of the largest shopping centers in the country that will be built with the standards of the day. The shopping center is expected to become one of the busiest areas of the Iranian Land next to the water park, amusement park and hotel. The design of the entire shopping center, the interior, and the variety of brands is such that it attracts the attention of different strata of the customers and provides them with a new experience of shopping, recreation, resting and use of various facilities.
The shopping center will be built on a land of 4.12 hectares and will be built in 3 floors, which is cinema complex with a total area of 3.1 hectares is located on the third floor. The first and second floors have 333 commercial units and a 20,000 square meter hypermarket with 334 commercial units with various sizes. Restaurant, coffee shop, children’s play area, gym, taxi and bus station are among other amenities of the shopping center. The shopping center also has two underground floors with a total area of ​​۲٫۱۲ hectares for parking 24,185 cars, as well as services to shopping malls. The center ultimately leads to 4597 jobs.


The Iranian Land’s shopping center is being built on a land of 10 hectares and in two floors. The location of this complex is shown in the image.

Facilities and Advantages

I-Land’s shopping center is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in the country due to the area, number of floors, various brands, facilities and design. The combination of shopping and entertainment provides a decent and enjoyable atmosphere for all members of the family for long time staying in the shopping center.

The Synergy Associated with other Usages

The location of the shopping mall in the hub No.1 of I-land, which includes the water park, amusement park, hotel and conference hall, and the location of this hub along with other facilities of the Iranian Land project, provides a better way to use the services provided in these usages for customers in all classes and all ages. the existence of beautiful communication paths, including roads and pedestrians, helps all family members to use the facilities individually or collectively and visit each other at the end of their visit.

International Consultant:
Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is a British company that is recognized as one of the world’s largest engineering, consulting and management companies. The company runs several projects in more than 120 countries worth a billion euros. One of the most important projects of the company is the construction of Channel tunnel, Bahrain’s major shopping center, Dubai’s Monorail and the Tianjin city of China.

International Consutant:
Broadway Malyan

The consultant of master plan in I-Land project is one of Europe’s most prestigious and largest urbanization companies, which has achieved this goal in 2010.
The most important projects of the company include Dubai Yasland, Baku White City, and the MinaZayed Project in Dubai.
The company is one of the largest and most trusted urban, architectural and design companies in Europe and around the world, which works as a consultant for the TSI to review the master plan.

Presence of World’s First Class Brands

Given the location of this shopping center in the vicinity of Imam Khomeini International Airport as well as the development of the special economic zone in the area, international stores have an excellent opportunity to exhibit at these centers. Due to the low presence of the main branches of the various brands in the country, the shopping center of the Iranian Land will be a unique place for these great brand names in the country, which will be the basis for a dramatic transformation in this market. Those interested in using these types of products can go to their dealership in the country and enjoy the quality of their products.

Welfare Facilities

Attractive and innovative combination of shopping and leisure-related applications both at the shopping center and outside it, is designed to meet the customers’ well-being and satisfaction. The 15,900 square meter area includes a restaurant, cafe, gym, cinema, restaurant, children’s playground and pavilion with a beautiful and attractive design. A classy car park connected to the shopping center is also a part of the shopping center of Iranian Land.

The Existence of a Centralized, Integrated Management, Resulting in a Strong and Well-Known Joint Brand for the Entire Collection

The existence of strong management for any organization and company is inevitable, and the Iranian Land is no exception. In addition, the fact that the I-Land golf collection in a Megaproject called the Iranian Land and creating synergies with other usages will provide a good opportunity to introduce and create a place in the customer’s minds.