The Knowledge and Technology Village of I-Land

This complex as a motive engine for the Iranian land project will always be effective in upgrading and prospecting the development of I-Land.

In order to exploit the project of the Knowledge Village of I-Land, the Charity Association of Science and Technology Park has started to collaborate with the Iranian Land project.

Considering the upstream projects and case studies in Iran and the world, and considering the potential of the site and the usages of the Iranian Land Collection and the extension of the second phase of the Special Economic Zone, which will pave the way for further development of the project, the following applications to be included in the campus of the research campus of I-Land are considered:

• Collegiate Complex (including domestic and foreign universities.)

• Institutes of science, innovative research (including domestic and foreign institutions)

It is worth to mention that the buildings and materials used in them, urban design and architectural design of buildings, depending on the type of activity that takes place in the project, will be the latest and most up-to-date methods

The Goals of the Knowledge and Technology Village

  • Development of Knowledge Based Economy
  • Development of Scientific Tourism (Knowledge Tourism)
  • Attracting technical knowledge, domestic and foreign investors
  • Commercialization of research results
  • Attract domestic and foreign universities
  • Recruiting domestic and foreign students (foreign students in exchange or permanent)
  • Providing scholarships from universities or research institutes and the possibility of securing a market with the aim of attracting more students
  • Interaction between university and specialized scientific centers
  • Support the creation and development of innovative and technologically advanced companies
  • Supporting new ideas and personal creativity and providing scholarships or initial funding to these individuals for long term operations and goals.
  • The establishment of research centers and specialized institutions in the field of science of the day (for example, the Center for Research on Renewable Energies, which ultimately leads to the creation of a Self Sufficient, and …)
  • Turning this collection into a motive engine for Iranian land as a key factor in attracting capital and users as well as developing the Iranian Land Project as an autonomous collection.
  • Provide necessary and affordable facilities for the children of families living in diplomatic village. (International School, from Kindergarten to High School)
  • The synergy between research institutes and modern villages (modern villages can be the primary model for innovative products of these institutions in terms of design, type of energy supply, waste disposal type, etc.)

Advantages of the Knowledge and Technology Village

  • Use of the Advantage of the Fifth Development Law (Article 20, paragraph (c), (d), Article 21, Article 102, paragraph (a))
  • The proximity to Imam Khomeini International Airport (facilitated by the interconnection of universities and internal and external institutions, as well as facilitating the recruitment of specialist labor from Iran and the world)
  • Presence in the special economic zone (facilitating the import of technology of the day for laboratories and …)
  • Synergy with usages and other projects of the I-Land (facilities and features of the Iranian land, as well as the use of attractions such as golf courses, carting and …)meets the needs of essentials required to launch the project of the scientific research campus of I-Land in the international arena.
  • Interaction between universities and research institutes
  • Proximity to Tehran and the major cities of Iran (Facilitating the Recruitment of Specialist Workers)
  • Possibility of high education with the possibility of obtaining a degree from international and foreign universities (preventing outflow of talents abroad by providing similar qualifications and less education expenses)
  • Possibility of the productivity of domestic institutions from the technologies of the day in different fields of science and technology
  • Considering the climate of the Iranian Land Project, the development of the active presence of technology of the day, in terms of self-sufficiency in energy and the use of renewable energy and, in general, recycling technology, can be an effective factor in the development in the scientific research campus of Iranian Land.