Car racing has a special place in terms of the importance of sports, tourism and economics. Nowadays, car racing competition in various disciplines, especially Formula One, has grown into a major industry and is ranked among the top ten in the world.
For those who are interested in car racing and do not want to participate in professional competitions, Karting can be the most suitable option, to enjoy the rented Karts at a very low cost and enjoy this entertaining and exciting sport and add to your driving skills.
The “Kart” tournament and its so-called “Karting” is the most enjoyable kind of car racing sports in which, age and gender restrictions does not matter, which is why in Iran it is also a popular sport. In this sport, a single-seat car named “Kart” is used and due to its low center of gravity and proximity to the ground, it has high stability and safety and is not overthrown at all. Nowadays, the International Karting competitions is the venue for the presentation of the latest technological advances in the world and the recognition of young talents to climb higher levels, especially Formula One.

Karting in Iran

The first Karting track in Iran with the name of the Formula Karting club (Azadi) was built in 2002 in Parking Lot No. 14 of Tehran Azadi Complex on an area of 30,000 square meters. This large and unique collection was built in the country with the support of one of the world’s largest Karting makers under the management and ownership of TSI managers. During the week, the track hosts drivers interested in exercising with their rental cars or personal. Formula Karting (Azadi) are currently in a good market even in the cold days of the year.
Considering the young population structure of Iran and the characteristics of Karting sport (exciting, less speed and consequently higher immunity to other car racing, low cost and many other benefits), this sport has been very well received in recent years in the country.

Karting Complex Locating

The mapping of I-Land’s Karting is shown in the image below. The complex is being built in an area of approximately 11.2 hectares in a scheduled timetable.

I-Land’s Karting

I-Land’s Karting as one of the most important defined usages from 24 usages of the collection, made with the unique features in the country and ready for exploitation. This Karting complex with a length of the track is over 1,450 meters and with a construction area of 2600 square meters and also special facilities for the tournament, is known as the world’s largest Karting complex.
Universal Level A Standard and other facilities such as computer game halls, restaurants, coffee shops, private parking lots, etc. have made this complex the first Karting in accordance with international standards in the country, that allows international competitions to be held on that.

Facilities and Advantages of I-Land Karting

This is the largest complex of Karting in the world, which includes a variety of Karting accessories services and amenities. Providing rental Karts and Rental Race with 28 horsepower, special Racing Karts with power of 64 horsepower (0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds), modern timing equipment, records registering system, video recording of the competition, photo club and filming, membership clubs, VIP clubs, training, computer games clubs, holding various types of competitions, including RMC competitions, and many other services and facilities, distinguishes this collection from the rest of the complexes in the country and even the world.

Welfare Facilities

A wide range of recreational and welfare options, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, shops, computer saloon, billiard room, paintball suite and other Karting services including Racing Tracks, Rental Tracks, Karting Schools from beginners to professionals, Accessories (such as clothes and hats, etc.), providing photo and video services in line with customer satisfaction. These facilities will be located in the main building with an area of about 3300 square meters. Also, because of the common problems in most of the recreational and commercial complexes, there is a shortage of parking space with enough capacity, in this complex there is a 250 car parking to address this problem.

The Synergy Resulting from Placing in a Mega Project

The Karting complex is located near the I-Land ‘s hub No.1, which includes the water park, amusement park, shopping mall, cinema and hotel, allowing the use of services individually or together from all usages. In this way, a comprehensive solution is provided to meet the needs of family members.

Track’s Technical Info

I-Land’s Karting is built according to international standards and have the ability to host world championships. Technical specifications of the track include:

  • Track length: 1654 meters
  • Average speed: 75. 77 km / h
  • Maximum speed: 116.1 km
  • Minimum speed: 46.7 km
  • Time per round: 78 577 seconds

Central Building Specifications

  • Designed by the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the TSI Co. led by Ulrik Lauenbach from Denmark
  • Fully glassy facade (Curtain Wall)
  • Interior decoration design according to international standards
  • Possibility to provide services to the passengers of the Tehran-Saveh highway as a communication highway
  • Designed with modern architectural style
  • The area of 2600 square meters

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