Landscaping and architectural design of “Rest and Service Area (RSA)”

To participate in the contest online registeration and receive a registration form is required.

The site is located in Iranian land. I-Land (Sarzamin Iranian) with an area of 1400 hectares, located 35 kilometers outside of Tehran on the Tehran-Saveh highway and as a Special Economical Zone (Zarandieh SEZ), looks forward of the day where as a new hub for recreation & tourism in the country, provides various services to all Iranian families and also International tourists.

Iranian Land Development Land Usages: Car City, International Golf Course, Golf Residential Village, Fun Park, Water Park, Super Kart, Formula 1 Track, Horse Riding Complex, Off-Road Tracks, Hotel Resort, Polo Village, Knowledge Village, Olympic Village, …


The purpose of the project is to design an attractive at which drivers and passengers can rest, eat or refuel and stay for at least 1 hour. The total area is approximately 46,000 square meters. 18,000 square meters of the project area is located under high voltage power supply’s area which can only be used for landscaping.

Project Functions:

  • Landscape designing
  • Children Park
  • Mini Golf
  • Miniature Park to show all parts of the Rest and Service Area
  • Parking lot
  • Gas Station
  • CNG Station
  • Building of the Iranian land Rest and Service Area with 4000-6000 square meters GFA (Gross Floor Area):
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurant and Café
  • Praying Room
  • Basement design is optional

Designing Requirements:

  • Landscaping design should be done in an appropriate and attractive way that passengers could stop and rest there.
  • To design Cumulative area, Standard distant between the complex building and parking lots should be considered.
  • Designing the main parking lots in front of the complex building.
  • Considering area to design other parking lot for peak hours and special days (such as Holidays, and etc.).


  • According to the branding principals


  • The proposed design should:
    • Be practical and feasible.
    • Be Innovative but in harmony and accommodated.
    • Have Appropriate access from both sides of the freeway to the complex.
    • Be proposed according to the project’s perspective.
    • consist of a specific element.
      • The lightening design, specially at night should be taken into account.
      • The main entrance of the complex should be invitational and readable.


Competition’s Employer:

Tose’e Sayahan Sarzmin Iranian Co.(TSI)

Competition’s Manager:

Siavash Mehdizade

Competition’s Jury:

  • Darab Diba
  • Mohammad Majidi
  • Reza Daneshmir
  • Nashid Nabian
  • Mehdi Sayadian
  • Ahmadreza Heidari
Competition’s prizes:
First Prize: 8000 USD + 250,000,000 IRR
Second Prize: 5000 USD + 150,000,000 IRR
Third Prize: 3000 USD + 100,000,000 IRR
+ Seven Honorable Mentions


Registration Deadline: May/21/2018
Result Date: May/24/2018
Exhibition: June/1/2018


Required Documents & How to Present:

  • specified area that is mentioned in the project description should be taken into consideration to Present landscaping site plan at the scale of 1: 500.
  • Presenting layout of landscape at the scale of 1:200.
  • Presenting landscape sections of main parts at the scale of 1:200.
  • Presentation of plans, elevations, sections and any other needed information at the scale of 1:200.
  • Interior and exterior 3D images of the proposed design including enclosures and buildings
  • Presenting the original concept of the proposed design (at least 500 words, A4 paper)
  • Providing a physical plan table, including the areas, counts and other descriptions for the entire project.
  • Present executive details and materials that are used in the design.

All above documents must be presented in maximum four horizontal sheets ( width: 100 cm, height: 70 cm) laminated or on matt glossy papers, fitted on 5 mm foam board.

How to send:
All printed sheets and other required documents should be saved on a compact disc (CD or DVD) and send to the Iranian land secretariat.


Required documents:

  • Plans, elevations and sections in DWG format.
  • Images of sheets with 300 dpi in Tiff or JPG format.
  • Images with 3D view in JPG format in the sizes of at least 1240 * 1754 and maximum 2480 * 3500.
  • Concept design explanation in DOC and PDF format.
  • Registration form.


  • All fonts should be saved on the CD/DVD.
  • All documents should be until mentioned arranged time. Otherwise participant will be removed of the list of
  • Metric system must be considered in all the documents.
  • In order to attach registration form on the CD, first they would be downloaded from

Rules and regulations for the competition:

  1. It’s a public competition.
  2. The competition is held in one phase.
  3. Giving printed registration and form which is signed by the participants and scanned on the CD is necessary.
  4. At the end of the competition, plans and etc. will not be given back to participants.
  5. after the deadline, all the works that are sent to the secretariat will be rejected and not to be dealt with.
  6. Setting any Code, ID, Name, Profile logo and etc. is forbidden.
  7. Making decision in unforeseen issues is considered organizer’s responsibility and it will subsequently be made public.
  8. Participation in the competition and presentation of the work are deemed to be the adoption of the regulations.
  9. is the only source of any announcement or extra information of the competition.


Address: No. 7, Baharestan St, Dadman Blvd, Shahrake Gharb, Tehran, Iran

Tell: 021 – 42095



Telegram Channel: @Ilandcompetition

To participate in the contest online registeration and receive a registration form is required.

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