I-Land Intoduction

Tose’e Sayahan Sarzamin Iranian Co. (TSI)

I-Land (Iranian Land or Sarzamin Iranian) provides as a hub for recreation, housing and commercial activities close to Tehran, with an area of 1400 hectares and its location inside the Zarandieh Special Economical Zone, successful business and a serene living experience. As the first Master Developer in the construction and development of tourism projects, Tose’e Sayahan Sarzamin Iranian Co., has dedicated its main activity to the design and development the I-Land project in this regard has close co-operation with 19 World renowned International Consultants. This company with the support of specialized and compliant personnel is constantly looking into development opportunities and experienced partners to fulfil the completion of these types of National endeavors.
In order to reach its goals, issues related to design, development and operation of the I-Land project in addition to being relinquished to its subsidiary companies, is operated by a centralized holding company which guarantees leadership towards safe and quick-return of investments.
The aim of the establishment of I-Land is to create a new style of modern and sustainable living for Iranians.

Advantages of I-Land


Road access
(Adjacency to 4 highways and roads):

  • Tehran – Saveh old road
  • Tehran – Saveh highway
  • Tehran – Qom highway
  • South ring-road of Tehran

Air Access ( Closeness to 4 airports)

  • Imam Khomaini International Airport (7 Kilometers)
  • Mehrabad National Airport (30 Kilometers)
  • Payam Airpot (60 Kilometers)
  • Arak (200 Kilometers)

Rail Access

  • North South Railroad
  • City Metro Line (Parand Metro)


  • Adjacency to Parand new Town
  • Closeness to the borders of 4 main provinces (Tehtan, Markazi, Qom, Qazvin)
  • Closeness to the main universities and research facilities of the capital
  • Closeness to the Tehran international trade fair (Shahr Aftab)
  • Closeness to the Zarandieh Furniture Industrial zone
  • Closeness to the main vehicle manufacturing companies; Iran Khodro, Saipa, Pars Khodro
  • Existence of industrial zones and Cinema-Town close to the project


  • Adjacency to the Shoor river
  • Diverse topography and natural views, four seasons climate air

Special Advantages

  • Master plan completed by world renowned consultants
  • Having the advantages of Special Economical Zones
  • Additional benefits (Centralization of facilities pertaining to sports, tourism and housing)
  • Safeness of International and National investments
  • Clear future and fantastic outlook
  • Creation of sustainable growth
  • Creation of thousands of jobs
  • ۲۴ different usages


In addition to the Golf Village, Iranian Land also provides sports, residential and entertainment facilities all in the same community which all complement each other is a main advantage of iLand. The availability of a sports village, Health Village, Thematic Residential Villages, Polo Village, Horse riding, Theme Park, Water Park, Car City, Aviation Club and Botanical gardens have in addition to being adjacent to main commercial potential of the country have all created an international standard unique project which creates a city full of serenity and happiness and excitement at the same time.

Connection of Land Usages

In the design of multi-purpose projects, the correct placement and connection of Land uses in definitely more important than their diversity. This main concern is a special advantage which Iranian Lan (Sarzamin Iranian) possesses and even if projects exist where they are able to compete in the number of usages, the sports, recreation and countryside project is definitely unique in placing and efficient connection of land uses in Iran and maybe in the region. The design and placement is envisaged in 5 complexes:

  • Commercial, Vehicle activities and SEZ
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Tourism and Waterfront
  • Specialized villages
  • Golf village
  • Thematic Villa villages and considering various and different facilities, provides happy moments and successful business.