I-Land's Soil Based Racing Tracks

The I-Land’s soil based tracks  in a total area of 22.4 hectares with the ability to host Motocross, Off-Road, Buggy, ATV, and Rally Cross races alongside with the Formula 1 track, has provided a suitable and different space for motor sports.
The tracks of this complex provide facilities for holding various types of car racing on the soil based tracks, and is now operational and hosting the fans of these sports. This track, with the ability to host domestic and international competitions, has the standards and have created set for enthusiasts of this kind of sports. Here’s a list of theme below:

  • Buggy Car
  • ATV
  • Rally Cross
  • Cross Motor
  • Two Differential

I-Land’s Karting

I-Land’s Karting as one of the most important defined usages from 24 usages of the collection, made with the unique features in the country and ready for exploitation. This Karting complex with a length of the track is over 1,450 meters and with a construction area of 2600 square meters and also special facilities for the tournament, is known as the world’s largest Karting complex.
Universal Level A Standard and other facilities such as computer game halls, restaurants, coffee shops, private parking lots, etc. have made this complex the first Karting in accordance with international standards in the country, that allows international competitions to be held on that.

Facilities and Advantages of I-Land Karting

This is the largest complex of Karting in the world, which includes a variety of Karting accessories services and amenities. Providing rental Karts and Rental Race with 28 horsepower, special Racing Karts with power of 64 horsepower (0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds), modern timing equipment, records registering system, video recording of the competition, photo club and filming, membership clubs, VIP clubs, training, computer games clubs, holding various types of competitions, including RMC competitions, and many other services and facilities, distinguishes this collection from the rest of the complexes in the country and even the world.

Compliance with international standards, observance of safety principles, proximity to the health village of the Iranian land and the possibility of providing emergency services in the event of possible accidents are among the characteristics of this complex. With the start of operation of the Off-Road tracks, it will be possible to hold international and domestic competitions in various disciplines.