I-Land Standard Formula 1 Track

The Formula 1 Track of I-Land, with the International Automobile Federation standards, on a land of 80 hectares and a length of about five kilometers (4850 meters) intends to present a new experience to speed enthusiasts. The only formula that complies with the standards of the country’s formula, which has been visited by the president of the Federation of Automobiles Mr. John Tat, and the TSI company is acclaimed on his behalf by the I-land scheme. With membership in the club members, it will become an attractive pole for car enthusiasts. Due to the location of this track in the special economic zone, there will be several advantages and benefits for its users, including:

  • Importing luxury and sports cars, without limitation for personal use
  • Facilitate for entry and exit of various racing cars and their equipment
  • Establishment of Racing Cars assembly centers
  • Establishment of supply centers for cars and racing vehicles
  • Establishment of car research center
  • Establishment of test benches for factories
  • Establishment of educational centers, including professional car training
  • Holding international car racing competitions and attract domestic and foreign tourists through it
  • Establishment of specialized automotive research centers for electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, airborne, aerodynamic, composite and motor vehicle systems.

Track Location & Technical Info

The I-Land formula 1 location is shown in the picture below. The complex is being built on an area of approximately 75 hectares in a scheduled program, which includes the Formula 1 collection and the car test benches.

Track's Specifications

The I-Land Formula 1 design, which has been made by the best international advisers and the leader in this field, has unique features that bring a different experience to athletes and enthusiasts of the field. Following below are some of these features:

Exciting Design

The track is designed to bring the most excitement to drivers. Drivers can go on the path to the maximum possible speed and touch the real excitement. However, the track has a high safety record that makes drivers more courageous.

Two-ways Use of Track

The I-Land Formula 1 track has a unique design that allows using both Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise. Loops and slopes have designed in a way to raise the thrill of driving to the maximum, meanwhile its maintaining the safety. To use either of the two directions of the track, a pull-off area can also be defined for each individual shape, which the details are included in the design.

18 Tracks in 1 Track

One of the fascinating points of I-Land Formula 1 track is the use of 18 forms of tracks in a single trail. Each of these types can be used for various uses and purposes. According to the design team, three forms of these tracks are ready for international Formula One homolog in level 2, 3. In addition to these three tracks, there are also an special track for club members and car test benches.

Car preparation line in accordance with world standards

The Pit Lane is one of the basic requirements for obtaining international homologs at Levels 2 and 3. By using the experience of constructing in other countries, I-Land Formula 1 track is also designed in accordance with these standards.

In the picture below, six major curves of the world’s most important tracks is shown, which is included in the Formula 1 of the Iranian Land (I-land).

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