I-Land Equestrian Project

The horse riding of Iranian land will be built on a land of 30 hectares and will be built in four phases. Equipped with a 1607 meter equestrian track and width of 17 meters in accordance with international standards. This collection is capable of holding horse jump competitions, Dressage, horse show and horse preparation areas. There is also a place to warm up the horses. The I-Land’s horse riding near the crowd of 15,000,000 people has a major impact on the growth of the country’s sport and horse riding industry. This collection offers a unique design and using of modern equipment as well as using land material for four seasons in a standard environment.

Project Locating

The I-land Equestrian Resort is set in the southeastern part of the entire project. Also, the proximity of this complex to the I-Land’s Polo complex is one of the points that can cause the synergy of the use of each of these two usages.

Features of Equestrian Resort

Equestrian Club

  • Indoor Manege for training
    Area: 4053 square meters on 2 floors
    Club house
    Coffee Shop
    Guesthouse with 15 rooms
  • Open Manege
    The area is 4200 square meters with more than 840 seats for spectators
  • Boarding house
  • Horse Walk Space
  • Stable
    Area: 9335 square meters and 226 horse stable
  • General features
  • The entrance to the 1.5 hectare area with 5 entrances and the taxi stop
  • Parking capacity of VIP: 279 cars
  • Parking Capacity of Spectators: 4300 cars
  • Parking capacity of staff: 35 cars
  • Capacity of 22 horse transport vehicles

Hardware features

Horse Course and side services

  • Horse Riding Track
    ۱۶۰۷ meters long and 17 meters wide with All Weather field
  • Practice track
    Track length: 1560 meters
    Track width: 8 meters
    Horse Show (Parade Ring) with an area of ​​۶۲۲۱ square meters
    The horse and rider preparation area with 1496 square meters
  • Main building
    Area: 3117 square meters on 3 floors
    The VIP place of officials with more than 60 seats
    VIP seats for special guests with more than 250 seats
    Restaurant with a capacity of more than 150 people
    Coffee shop with a capacity of more than 50 people
    shopping center
    Physical and electronic prediction kiosks
    Special rooms for watching the Equestrian (Viewing Box)
  • Audience area
    Area: 52,566 square meters
    Capacity: 18000 people
    Outdoor investment kiosks

Features of Equestrian Resort

  • Possibility to hold horse racing competitions and contests prediction
  • Facilities for organizing chariot races in lengths of 1,000, 1,200, 1,400, 1,600, 1,800, and 2,200 meters with international standards, and the possibility of predicting and betting on competitions.
  • British Equestrian Association approved scheme
  • Holding Jump, dressage and other competitions
  • Standards for jump and dressage competitions
  • Club Members of the I-Land Equestrian with special conditions and facilities
  • Horse riding school
  • Using experienced people in different parts of the collection
  • Horse clinic
  • Visiting tours

Advantages of I-Land Equestrian Resort

The country’s first horse riding track with international standards

With a few horse riding tracks in the country, the horse riding track of the I-Land is the first horse riding track that is being built in accordance with international standards and under the guidance of experienced advisers.

The Synergy Associated with other Usages

The location of the Equestrian Resort in the hub No.1 of I-land, which includes the water park, amusement park, hotel and conference hall, and the location of this hub along with other facilities of the Iranian Land project, provides a better way to use the services provided in these usages for customers in all classes and all ages. the existence of beautiful communication paths, including roads and pedestrians, helps all family members to use the facilities individually or collectively and visit each other at the end of their visit.

The Existence of a Centralized, Integrated Management, Resulting in a Strong and Well-Known Joint Brand for the Entire Collection

The existence of strong management for any organization and company is inevitable, and the Iranian Land is no exception. In addition, the fact that the I-Land golf collection in a Megaproject called the Iranian Land and creating synergies with other usages will provide a good opportunity to introduce and create a place in the customer’s minds.

Possibility to host domestic and international competitions

Horse racing and horse jumping competitions are held in a limited number of clubs each year, which I-Land Equestrian Complex with the length of 1607 meters, is the largest horseback riding track in the country, and the best opportunity to host domestic and international races.

Residence for horsemen, coaches and owners

One of the most important parts of the Equestrian Resort of I-Land is the existence of residences for all people who are involved in tournament. These well-designed and standard dormitories provide a comfortable and relaxed place for relaxation and relaxation.

Welfare Facilities

Attractive and innovative combination of amenities in the riding complex is designed to meet the customers’ well-being and satisfaction.

KWA Company
The English company KWA is a consultant in the field of architecture consulting and design of horseback riding. The company has implemented several projects in this field. for instance: Equine Park, New Racing Yard, Equestrian Educational Facility, Equestrian and Visitor Centre and Diagnostic Centre.

BroadwayMaylan Company

The consultant of master plan in I-Land project is one of Europe’s most prestigious and largest urbanization companies, which has achieved this goal in 2010.

The most important projects of the company include Dubai Yasland, Baku White City, and the MinaZayed Project in Dubai.
The company is one of the largest and most trusted urban, architectural and design companies in Europe and around the world, which works as a consultant for the TSI to review the master plan.

Mott MacDonald Company

Mott MacDonald is a British company that is recognized as one of the world’s largest engineering, consulting and management companies. The company runs several projects in more than 120 countries worth a billion euros. One of the most important projects of the company is the construction of Channel tunnel, Bahrain’s major shopping center, Dubai’s Monorail and the Tianjin city of China.

Cracknell Company

The English – Emirates company has a brilliant history in designing and implementing green spaces, including the designer of the green sky hotel in Burj Al Arab, the Palm Island, the Dubai Tower, and Dubai’s Jumeirah Hotel, in the I-Land project also works on designing green spaces.

International Consultants of I-Land Equestrian Resort

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