International Consultants of the Project

Since there is no knowledge of this area in the country, in order to comply with international standards, we should use international consultants in this field. All stages of manufacturing, equipping, and providing services are in accordance with international standards and in cooperation with experienced consultants in this field to ensure the quality and safety of buildings and equipment. The consultants of this project are: Broadway Maylan (UK) in urban planning, Apex (UK) in the review section of the Piste and Car Driving School, Tilke (Germany) in the design of the track, IMM UK in the business models and Slik-Ayari in operation of the piste.
Due to the presence of international company Schreiner Consulting as a consultant for designing the piste and using of high quality materials and equipment in the construction of a I-LAnd Formula One track , this track will be designed and built with Grade A standards. This will allow for national, regional and international competitions to be held on the track.

The consultant of master plan in I-Land project is one of Europe’s most prestigious and largest urbanization companies, which has achieved this goal in 2010.

The most important projects of the company include Dubai Yasland, Baku White City, and the MinaZayed Project in Dubai.
The company is one of the largest and most trusted urban, architectural and design companies in Europe and around the world, which works as a consultant for the TSI to review the master plan.

A German international company operating in the motor sports industry and providing services such as consulting, designing and monitoring the construction of car racing tracks. They have designed 10 Formula One tracks around the world and in I-Land project they designed the Formula One track as well.

The Schirener company is an Austrian consultant engineer and designer and executor of more than 70 projects of Karting similar to the project in the world and they have designed these tracks. Mr Schirener is the chairman of the design committee of the CIK FIA World Federation of Karting and a member of the board of directors of the Tracks Safety Committee. Through the design of Mr Schirener, the I-Land karting complex can be the main candidate for the world karting championship in next years.

The Danish company, under the leadership of Mr. Peter Johnson, has been active in the motor sports industry and is providing consulting on designing the economic models of the track. Designing business models of motorcycling / car racing and providing advisory services to governments such as Malaysia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, etc. is part of the brilliant record of the complex.

Designing business economic models and managing Karting operations is one of the areas where this international consultant is co-sponsored by the Iranian Land.