Car City of the I-Land

Being in the special economic zone provides a unique opportunity for usages in the car city. The benefits of significant legal advantages, including exemptions from payment of customs duties in special economic zone vehicle depots and the possibility of importing and maintaining new and used sport cars and motorcycles, including such opportunities.
Being in the special economic zone makes it easier to import and maintain the car, and offers numerous benefits to its dealers to use the time value of money and reduction of working capital. In fact, the main logic of the concept of the car city and its business model is the provision of all car services at a wider place, at a cheaper price, using the facilities and exemptions of the special economic zone.

Car City, an Independent City in I-Land

In the Car City of I-Land, as one of the projects in the I-land, all the facilities needed to buy and sell cars and accessories, such as sales offices and large and standard exhibition spaces, car test bench, car plating (numbering) center, bank , Insurance, leasing companies, and vehicle tuning centers, are available to car buyers and sellers.

Why Car City?

The lack of space for car exhibitions in Tehran and the high cost of land in the city are among the barriers to the development of exhibitions, and is one of the urban problems. In the same vein, this complex eliminates the problems ahead by providing enough space and removing the barriers in this area. Car City, with the deployment of bank units, insurance and … In high-rise buildings, along with the provision of all facilities for sale and after-sales services, offers easy and reliable choices for purchasers.

Benefit from the special economic zone privilege

Facilitating car imports and maintenance, optimizing the use of time value of money, reducing working capital, paying salary and after-sales fees, reducing sales time, ensuring safe and cost-effective investments, and reducing the cost of a car, are just some of the benefits of this large complex.

Advantages of Car city

The Car City is a new and innovative concept in the field of vehicle marketing and sales, according to which all the services needed to buy and sell a car, is in one place. Reducing buying costs, creating a family space for car dealership, accumulating credible brands in one area, and increasing the power of choosing for customers, is one of the most basic benefits of the Car City concept. Creating a specialized buy and sales center for second-hand foreign cars will also allow the provision of services to cover all the needs.

Family Choice

Plaza equipped with a restaurant, coffee shop, children’s playground and …
Possibility to exhibit the car in open space
Museum of Modern and Classic Cars
Permanent exhibition;All are unique features that brings out the Car City from a hollow place that only deals with economic matters, and adds a peaceful atmosphere for the family.

Competitive advantages

  • Easy and fast the whole process of buying and registering a car
  • The proper prices of cars due to the elimination of intermediaries and the creating of competition between automakers
  • Variety of choices for customers in terms of model and price due to the presence of different automobile companies
  • A suitable environment for family to participate in the selection of cars and use of recreational facilities
  • Facilitation of transfers due to the existence of additional services such as bank, insurance, numbering and …
  • The possibility to purchase all accessories, decorative and car tuning
  • Confident about buying second-hand cars from specialized stores
  • Possibility to test the car in a standard car track
  • Importing unrestricted luxury and sport cars
  • Conducting international car racing competitions
  • Benefits of deployment in the special economic zone
  • Unique access to road, rail and air ways
  • Enjoy the synergy of diverse applications
  • Extensive exhibition space at an affordable price