This is i-Land, Iranian Land

I-Land (Sarzamin Iranian) with an area of 1400 hectares, Located 35 kilometers outside of Tehran on the Tehran-Saveh highway and as a Special Economical Zoe (Zarandieh SEZ), looks forward of the day where as a new hub for recreation & tourism in the country, provides various services to all Iranian families and also international tourists . The Zarandieh area, because of its natural advantages and strategical location has long been a developed and safe region for which the natural area adjacent to the Shoor River provides a base for the developed o the countryside, Sports and recreation project for Iranians.
The providing of distinguished services, with high-standard qualities which provides and experience of a new type of living, is the main mission of our group. The project; in its entirety provides a step further than existing facilities of recreation to pledge growth and development on a sustainable foundation and basis for development.

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